Justice Delayed…Justice Denied???

In a democratic republic country like India where the Preamble of our Constitution states something relevant, even after 60 years of independence, people find it very difficult to say the f-word! And that’s nothing but FREEDOM. In a country like in India, where traditional steps are maximum times overshadowing the modern minds of the youth, where are the scopes of expressing freedom of our life?

For a democratic country like India, the judiciary becomes a core part in shaping justice to the people who are in die need of it, but injustice is becoming the core sector to escape the truth and sometimes we can’t even find what’s the truth even after repeated trials. Sometimes even after knowing the truth we keep ourselves quiet and mum with the circumstances. If we are ourselves not aware of these facts which may help us to express our points then don’t you think that it will take more than 300 years to clear the nacklog of cases in India? Dont’t you think that the criminal cases are too much stagnant in nature and some cases take too much time (even a lifetime) to check the truth?Don’t you think that criminal justice system is in die need of a complete overhaul? I do think so! Why? Let me show you some examples from our own country!

Jessica Lal Case : A tragic situation where it is clearly shown how justice has been delayed as well as denied. She was shot dead in a Delhi bar in full view of several people. It was on the basis of their statements that police built the case against the culprit Manu Sharma and he, himself fled the crime scene and remained on the run for days, something he would have been unlikely to do had he been innocent. But as time went by, witnesses to the murder suddenly became unable to identify him as the killer so he is already out on bail and would have been probably remained free.

Aarushi Talwar Case : Aarushi Talwar, daughter of a dentist couple was found dead with her throat slit in her bedroom of her flat around May 2008. Suspect was believed to be the house servant Hemraj who was also found dead on the terrace of Talwar’s house. After double murder, no matter how many times the number of lie-detection tests and CBI investations had been carried out, it took a timespan of almost three years to prove that Aarushi’s father Rajesh Talwar is the prime suspect though the motive of the murder is still unknown.

Ruchika Girhotra Case : The longest case till date is this molestation which happened during August 1990 which eventually lead to her suicide. Even if the culprit is a mere Inspector General of Police in Haryana (and later on kept on being promoted), but it was due to the injustice and over-harassments caused by this SPS Rathore (the culprit) that took 19 years, 40 adjournments and more than 400 hearings after which the court announced Rathore guilty and sentenced him to six months imprisonment;though CBI extended it to a maximum of two years imprisonment. Not only Ruchika, but also her younger brother Ashu was tortured and finally made Ruchika commit suicide. Do you all know that in 2010 February, a man attacked SPS Rathore with a pocket knife when he was walking out of the court. But what was the final impact?
The case was brought up for debate in Parliament. “After 19 years, the criminal has been found guilty but all he got as punishment was 6 months in prison. Within 10 minutes of conviction, he was out on bail. Is it not a shame for all of us?” asked CPI (M) leader Brinda Karat. Rathore would be stripped off his police medal and Former Haryana CM Om Prakash Chautala, when asked about the case, dismissed it as a “frivolous issue“.

In all these cases, what is the main common thing to be found out? Even after losing someone very dear, even after repeated harassment and even after repeated cases, still no justice is being delivered to some common people of the country. Or even it is delivered but a long timespan of delay is taken which is actually not meant to be so. How slow a process should litigation be? Should it keeping jumping from court to court? Litigations should not be perennial. The reason one goes to court is to get justice, and “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”…

Do you actually have a heart for those who are murdered or harassed without any justice? Then shout and speak…oppose and raise a voice against the injustice. We are citizens of India and we are bound to protect the words of the Constitution. We are servants of our own country and should take pride in cleaning the same, eradicating the injustice and seeding awareness in every heart and soul. So come forward if you are a victim of injustice because JUSTICE DELAYED IS OBVIOUSLY JUSTICE DENIED!!!


4 thoughts on “Justice Delayed…Justice Denied???

  1. true…justice delayed IS justice denied.
    very well written…and nicely put together. to justify delayed justice is to support the crime itself. 19yrs later the court hand out a punishment of 6 months! that is nothing but justice denied.

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